Why You Should Go To France For Your Next Bike Holiday.

There are a myriad of reasons to go to France. From the food to the different cultures to the history to everything in between, France has always been on everyone’s list of must visits. Yet one of the best reasons to visit France is one that is never all that high on the majority of people’s lists, biking. With some of the most varied and beautiful terrain in the world, France is a perfect place to take a cycling holiday in. With mountains, beaches, local villages, and gorgeous beauty, France has something for everyone.

Along with the stunning landscapesĀ and the, sometimes, grueling terrain, France offers some of the world’s most delicious food and a culture that is in love with cycling and all things bicycle. The variety in terrain means that the trips can be anything from flat and on the beach to mountainous and through the Alps. And if you go in the autumn or spring you can miss all of the tourists and have the little towns and the open road all to yourself.

The variety in land types and terrain also means that there are plenty of non-biking activities as well. You can take a wine tour in some places and get a fishing license in others so you can truly enjoy the beaches to their fullest. The mountains allow for paragliding too so you can both get a different view of your surroundings as well as an arial view of the next leg of your trip.

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