Nevada is Becoming a Mountain Bikers Dream

When most people think of quality mountain biking in the United States of America, their minds are almost always drawn to mountainous locales like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. While those three states do truly have some of the world best bike paths, there is another states that is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst bikers looking for something a little different. Utah, specifically the St. George region, is gaining recognition from bikers around the globe for a combination of reasons stretching from the trails to the views. While this might sound like a shock to many experienced riders, the fact remains that the St. George region is both great for biking and close to Las Vegas, Nevada, turning it into a double threat of entertainment.

While locals and boosters have known about Utah mountain biking for years, the international community is finally taking note of all that the St. George region has to offer. Just what about it makes this area so perfect for mountain biking? One of the major attractions is just how near it is to Las Vegas, allowing anyone who’s tired of biking and nature to revel in the opulence that is Sin City. One of the other main draws to the region is the quality of the trails. Not only do the trails range in difficulty from casual to professional, but they’re also all on public land which means that the upkeep is regular and held to a high standard so that people aren’t as likely to get hurt. Now, with a reputation that is gaining strength every day, the St. George region is looking to compete with other established mountain biking destinations such as Moab, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Bikers from around the world are already finding their way to St. George for tournaments and now people are going for vacations. Even more exciting than adults and professionals biking in St. George, high school students from the local area and from around the country are visiting there and spreading the love of mountain biking to anyone they encounter.

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