Women Arrested For Booby Trapping Bike Trails

When two activities that are vastly different in both speed and goal share a common space, it’s understandable when conflict breaks out and tempers flare. While this sort of thing is understandable and it happens with frequency, we’re all adults and the reasonable response to this sort of conflagration is to sit down with the opposing party and talk about a compromise or way to come to some sort of agreement that addresses the concerns of both parties and finds some sort of mutually satisfactory plan to avoid conflict in the future. However it turns out that not everyone sees things through the lens of maturity and sometimes people lash out in aggressive and potentially fatal ways.Mountain_bike_in_downhill_race

This is exactly what happened in North Vancouver between mountain bikers and one irate hiker who was tired of them taking up the trail. Tineke Kraal was the subject of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation into allegations that she had been setting booby traps on a popular and frequently travelled mountain biking trail because of her dislike for mountain bikers and how she felt they were ruining the nature experience for hikers. While two of the charges for trail tampering have been dropped, she is still facing a criminal charge of mischief to property likely to cause death; a charge that can lead up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

While her husband is claiming that the charges have been blown out of proportion and that she never meant any harm, the police think differently. Kraal has been accused of leaving logs and piles of stones in dangerous locations on a number of trails and the suspicion is that this has been happening with increasing frequency since 2014. Police set up cameras and caught her in the act leading to the charges being filed. While her husband proclaims her innocence, there have been tensions between the Kraal’s and mountain bikers for at least a decade. In 2005 Ronald Kraal, her husband, admitted to being at “war with mountain bikers”, a quote that is going to come back to haunt the family as the state pursues criminal charges.

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5 Biking Destinations for Your Bucket List

As anyone who has gone mountain biking before knows, it can be incredibly difficult just choosing where you want to go and what types of nature you want to revel in. With options ranging from your standard wood and mountains trails to beaches and everything in between, choosing where you’re going to bike can be just as important as making sure that you have all the necessary equipment. With that in mind, Red Bull has done a huge favor and selected 5 amazing places to go on your next biking trip.

  1. New Zealand: New Zealand should be a no-brainer when it comes to mountain biking opportunities. As everyone knows (because let’s be honest; everyone has seen the Lord of the Rings movies), the entire country seems to be made of the most gorgeous mountains overlooking amazing plains and viewscapes. As if that weren’t enough, the fact that all of the pros training for the UCI world cup use it as a training ground should be enough to convince you that the land of the kiwi has more to offer than just fruit and strange little birds.
  2. Canada: Along with being easy to get to from the United States, Canada offers so much to the mountain biker in search of a great ride. While Retallack is known for it’s fantastic cross-country skiing, it is also quickly becoming a mountain biking hotspot. The region is full of old mining hills and slopes that are just perfect for freestyling your way down the mountain. Just be careful!
  3. Wales: First off, Wales has a ton of amazing man-made trails and biking spots including Bike Park Wales (one of the UK’s best biking destinations). But other than all that is man-made, the country is also home to hundreds of back mountain trails that just require asking the locals about. It also has an amazing bike culture.
  4. Norway: Norway is the land of the fjords and it’s known throughout the world as having some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the world. The Hafjell Bike Park just adds to how perfect a country it is for mountain biking.
  5. Finale Ligure: This little region is in Liguria, Italy and is part of the Italian Riviera. It’s also one of the most gorgeous places in the world and defies explanation. It’s simply divine for biking.

Hopefully these will help inspire your next biking trip. Be safe out there. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

Nevada is Becoming a Mountain Bikers Dream

When most people think of quality mountain biking in the United States of America, their minds are almost always drawn to mountainous locales like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. While those three states do truly have some of the world best bike paths, there is another states that is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst bikers looking for something a little different. Utah, specifically the St. George region, is gaining recognition from bikers around the globe for a combination of reasons stretching from the trails to the views. While this might sound like a shock to many experienced riders, the fact remains that the St. George region is both great for biking and close to Las Vegas, Nevada, turning it into a double threat of entertainment.

While locals and boosters have known about Utah mountain biking for years, the international community is finally taking note of all that the St. George region has to offer. Just what about it makes this area so perfect for mountain biking? One of the major attractions is just how near it is to Las Vegas, allowing anyone who’s tired of biking and nature to revel in the opulence that is Sin City. One of the other main draws to the region is the quality of the trails. Not only do the trails range in difficulty from casual to professional, but they’re also all on public land which means that the upkeep is regular and held to a high standard so that people aren’t as likely to get hurt. Now, with a reputation that is gaining strength every day, the St. George region is looking to compete with other established mountain biking destinations such as Moab, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Bikers from around the world are already finding their way to St. George for tournaments and now people are going for vacations. Even more exciting than adults and professionals biking in St. George, high school students from the local area and from around the country are visiting there and spreading the love of mountain biking to anyone they encounter.

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City Mountain Biking Is Now a Thing

When people think of mountain biking they always think of the same sorts of things: mountains, trees, dirt trails, rock formations, and sunshine. A city in Virginia is looking to change the way people think about mountain biking as well as how inaccessible it can be to those who don’t have the time or the means to venture out into the woods. Richmond, Virginia had a field that was sitting there doing nothing and two groups of cyclists that needed a place to practice. The field, between the Fairfield Court Elementary School and the Fairfield Court public housing complex (the 4th largest in the city) will be a place for both the cycling teams and the community to gather and connect in new ways. The elementary school is known as a hotspot for drug deals and so the field is also being used as an outreach program so that kids don’t engage in harmful behavior.

Along with an actual cycling course, the new field also offers hills, obstacles, and dirt embankments to imitate real life mountain biking conditions and terrain. The project is estimated to cost about $25,000 and the funds have been provided by the nonprofit Richmond Cycling Corps (who supplied half the money) as well as other donations from local companies and private citizens. In a show of unity, local companies also sent volunteers to help with the grand opening so that everything would run smoothly. With only half of the money used to far, there are plans to also open a community garden as well as build storage sheds and other structures and more landscaping. The number of these sorts of courses have swelled in the past few years which points to mountain biking growing in popularity. And with added benefits from parks such as this one is adding, it’s only a matter of time before there are even more.

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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Registration is Now Open.

One of the ways that sports continue existing and gaining popularity is by getting children and young adults involved from a young age so that a love for the sport grows as time passes. We’ve seen how this succeeds (think baseball and football) and how it fails (think soccer) and now mountain biking has joined the fray in an attempt to gain some new passionate young fans that will help propel the sport in the future. The annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking day is one such event that aims to introduce younger generation to the mountain biking scene. The registration has also just opened and so all those who love mountain biking should rush out to sign them and their children up.Singlespeed_mountain_biking_04

With events catering to bikers of all sizes, ages, and abilities, these TKMBD events are good for both spreading the love of mountain biking as well as just enjoying nature with your local community. The events also give older children the chance to mentor younger kids and help them learn about responsibility and hard work. With many different ways to set up a local TKMBD event, these are truly community oriented, they aren’t sponsored by any sort of organization other than the International Mountain Biking Association. The IMBA focuses on spreading and preserving the love for mountain biking that has been slowly growing around the world.

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Why You Should Go To France For Your Next Bike Holiday.

There are a myriad of reasons to go to France. From the food to the different cultures to the history to everything in between, France has always been on everyone’s list of must visits. Yet one of the best reasons to visit France is one that is never all that high on the majority of people’s lists, biking. With some of the most varied and beautiful terrain in the world, France is a perfect place to take a cycling holiday in. With mountains, beaches, local villages, and gorgeous beauty, France has something for everyone.

Along with the stunning landscapes and the, sometimes, grueling terrain, France offers some of the world’s most delicious food and a culture that is in love with cycling and all things bicycle. The variety in terrain means that the trips can be anything from flat and on the beach to mountainous and through the Alps. And if you go in the autumn or spring you can miss all of the tourists and have the little towns and the open road all to yourself.

The variety in land types and terrain also means that there are plenty of non-biking activities as well. You can take a wine tour in some places and get a fishing license in others so you can truly enjoy the beaches to their fullest. The mountains allow for paragliding too so you can both get a different view of your surroundings as well as an arial view of the next leg of your trip.

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