Mountain Biking Tips: Crested Butte

Throughout the mountain biking community in the United States, and abroad, there are fewer places in the world that have been so wholly consumed by mountain biking as the tiny town of Crested Butte has been over the last few years. Located in southern Rocky Mountains at a comfortable 9,000 feet above sea-level, Crested Butte is one of the most ideal places in the world to jump on your mountain bike and go exploring. With over 750 miles of trail to choose from, it can be overwhelming at first and so, here are some tips to help maximize your first time biking around Crested Butte.

  • When you should go: Since it’s so high in the atmosphere, summer is short in Crested Butte. That being said, if you go at the correct time you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world (CB is the wildflower capital of the country). While lower-level trails will melt sooner than the ones up higher (these are usually clear in late July), July is the ideal time to visit. It’s when the flowers are out in full force and the weather allows you to appreciate them. However biking season runs until the fall and September in the area is also full of colorful explosion.
  • Gear and tips: First off, you should have your own mountain bike — you can rent one but biking is always more enjoyable when you have your own personalized bike to ride on. A backpack with a hydration bladder is a good idea, as are fingerless gloves to help fight off blisters. Also bring cold weather and rain gear because the weather in the mountains can change in a heartbeat from beautiful to miserable. It’s also a good move to bring snacks and an emergency repair kit with a pump, tire patches, and the knowledge to use it all.
  • Where to go: For beginners, the Lower Loop Trail System is a beautiful introduction to the sport of mountain biking, as well as a gorgeous ride in and of itself. Those with some experience might want to start with the 401 trail — it’s the classic Crested Butte trail and will you gasping and lusting for more. Finally, the advanced riders should head for the Deer Creek Trail. It’s one of the most challenging and also takes you through the wild flower fields that will literally blow you away.

These are just some tips for biking Crested Butte. Read more here!