Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day Registration is Now Open.

One of the ways that sports continue existing and gaining popularity is by getting children and young adults involved from a young age so that a love for the sport grows as time passes. We’ve seen how this succeeds (think baseball and football) and how it fails (think soccer) and now mountain biking has joined the fray in an attempt to gain some new passionate young fans that will help propel the sport in the future. The annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking day is one such event that aims to introduce younger generation to the mountain biking scene. The registration has also just opened and so all those who love mountain biking should rush out to sign them and their children up.Singlespeed_mountain_biking_04

With events catering to bikers of all sizes, ages, and abilities, these TKMBD events are good for both spreading the love of mountain biking as well as just enjoying nature with your local community. The events also give older children the chance to mentor younger kids and help them learn about responsibility and hard work. With many different ways to set up a local TKMBD event, these are truly community oriented, they aren’t sponsored by any sort of organization other than the International Mountain Biking Association. The IMBA focuses on spreading and preserving the love for mountain biking that has been slowly growing around the world.

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