Women Arrested For Booby Trapping Bike Trails

When two activities that are vastly different in both speed and goal share a common space, it’s understandable when conflict breaks out and tempers flare. While this sort of thing is understandable and it happens with frequency, we’re all adults and the reasonable response to this sort of conflagration is to sit down with the opposing party and talk about a compromise or way to come to some sort of agreement that addresses the concerns of both parties and finds some sort of mutually satisfactory plan to avoid conflict in the future. However it turns out that not everyone sees things through the lens of maturity and sometimes people lash out in aggressive and potentially fatal ways.Mountain_bike_in_downhill_race

This is exactly what happened in North Vancouver between mountain bikers and one irate hiker who was tired of them taking up the trail. Tineke Kraal was the subject of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation into allegations that she had been setting booby traps on a popular and frequently travelled mountain biking trail because of her dislike for mountain bikers and how she felt they were ruining the nature experience for hikers. While two of the charges for trail tampering have been dropped, she is still facing a criminal charge of mischief to property likely to cause death; a charge that can lead up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

While her husband is claiming that the charges have been blown out of proportion and that she never meant any harm, the police think differently. Kraal has been accused of leaving logs and piles of stones in dangerous locations on a number of trails and the suspicion is that this has been happening with increasing frequency since 2014. Police set up cameras and caught her in the act leading to the charges being filed. While her husband proclaims her innocence, there have been tensions between the Kraal’s and mountain bikers for at least a decade. In 2005 Ronald Kraal, her husband, admitted to being at “war with mountain bikers”, a quote that is going to come back to haunt the family as the state pursues criminal charges.

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